Hey all, Nathan here!

Before we finish out “what they were thinking” and get to the GOOD stuff — war powers, abortion, gun control, free speech — I want to announce that I’m launching another comic alongside this one!

The Illustrated Guide to Terrorism

The first several pages are up, starting HERE. I’ve put a link in the menu bar up top, as well. Come join that conversation if you’re interested, I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

(I will also be revamping my Patreon over the next few days to reflect the new addition. I’ll be updating the goals and rewards while I’m at it, so if there are any particular rewards you’d be interested in, let me know!)

Now, back to Con Law!

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  1. Joshua says

    First of all, you spend $2700 on an AK-47 as it has accurate one-tap headshots and is clearly the best rifle.

  2. Kevin says

    Thanks for tackling another sensitive and tricky subject. Back in 2004/2005 the subject of Terrorism came up in a Foreign Policy class I was in and the best the professor could say after two days was “Each US agency has its own definition that seems to apply to the people who cause them the most trouble.” This is definitely something people need to talk more about.

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