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  1. Gregory Bogosian says

    So what the man in the blue coat should have said, is that calling constitutional conventions would just be too complicated. So, the power of proposing amendments should be restricted to legislatures.

  2. mikecody0318 says

    Perhaps not the correct forum for this, but are you aware that the terrorism web page is just a bunch of random looking characters today?

    • Thanks! That can happen when a cache is purged, but the plugin tries to send cached files before the purge is complete. The result is gobbledygook. The solution is usually just to flush the cache again, which I’ve done. It should work fine now.

      It’s never happened to me before, but I changed cache plugins today and I bet that’s what caused it. I’ll keep an eye out for this in the future.

      Thanks for letting me know! (You can also email me at n dot e dot burney at gmail)

  3. UsaSatsui says

    Is that Mr. Gerry of “Gerrymander” fame?

  4. Any plans to cover the different schools of interpretation?

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