So, on the motion to adopt this final draft of the Constitution, how do the sta-


One of these days, I really ought to visit Independence Hall and see what it looks like IRL. From what I can tell, this was where each delegation was sitting.

The delegates who were there on this long last day were:

New Hampshire Nicholas Gilman, John Langdon
Massachusetts Elbridge Gerry, Nathaniel Gorham, Rufus King
Connecticut William Johnson, Roger Sherman
New York Alexander Hamilton
New Jersey David Brearly, Jonathan Dayton, William Livingston
Pennsylvania George Clymer, Benjamin Franklin, Gouverneur Morris,
Robert Morris, James Wilson
Delaware Richard Bassett, Gunning Bedford Jr., Jacob Broom, George Read
Maryland Daniel Carroll, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, James McHenry
Virginia John Blair, James Madison (at the secretary table), George Mason,
Edmund Randolph, George Washington (presiding)
North Carolina William Blount, Richard Spaight, Hugh Williamson
South Carolina Pierce Butler, Charles Pinckney, C.C. Pinckney, John Rutledge
Georgia Abraham Baldwin, William Few

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