In which a compromise is reached




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  1. Kevin says

    I like the theme, and I am looking forward to this one. Americans have especially diverse notions of what Government is and should be. I am a Canadian here, “Peace, Order, and Good Government” makes us a fairly homogeneous bunch. Watching the arguments south of the border about what government should and shouldn’t get involved in (and sadly how often partisanship controls the debate), I really hope to see some perspective based on principle.

    I’ve been quite for a long time since I last spoke here, but the work is really appreciated, Nathan. When I started reading this thing I never imagined how often I would fall back on examples and demons from this comic to explain concepts that friends and family were stumbling over when they were confused about why the law/government worked the way they do.

  2. Raen says

    Aw… we’re not staying for the party?

      • Considering the quality of their work compared to their successors today, I think we need to bring more booze into Congress.

        • “Urrrghhhhh… my head. What a session we had! But I don’t remember a thing. We didn’t do anything silly, did we?”

          “Hey look: be it resolved by two thirds of both houses that an amendment is proposed, to wit: ‘Article one is hereby repealed'”

          “Oh. Well, at least it wasn’t ratified while we were out.”

          “Yeah. About that…”

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