I wonder where she’s going with this…


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  1. B.D. says

    You have a typo in the panel on the protectorate: “The Civil War ended with England’s monarcy overthrown” (the h in monarchy is missing).

    • I am not entirely sure how it is relevant. People make arguments designed to defend their own narrow and parochial interests that turn out to have broader relevance than they meant for them to have all the time.

        • Exactly, the only reason that we care about ancient thinkers is that they were righting back before anyone knew anything. If they were around today their observations and ideas would be incredibly obvious and inane.

    • This is a tangent. However, I find Robert Nozick’s criticism of Locke more salient. Locke believed that the only legitimate function of the state was to protect property. He believed that property is rightly formed by mixing your labor with the natural resources of the world. The problem with this theory, is that there is no reason why mixing my labor with natural resources should result in me gaining the resources rather than losing my labor. If I poor a glass of my cream into the ocean. I don’t gain the ocean, I lose my cream. So, Locke’s reasoning doesn’t justify property or the state, unless you seriously think that I can gain the sole right to control the ocean by poring my cream in it.

      • Because unless you gain the results of your labor, there is no reason to labor. Just as in your illustration, where few people pour their cream into the ocean, few would labor it they were not granted the fruits thereof.

        • We generally don’t want people to pour cream into the ocean. That would just be a waste of cream. More generally, saying that all mixing of labor with raw materials results in gaining the material rather than losing the labor, would just result in labor and natural resources being wasted on things that are not useful.

  2. really? says

    Why is the mugger dude grabbing the victim lady’s boob? Is he mugging her or sexually assaulting her?

  3. Kevin says

    He is claiming her body. Which she owns (lets ignore just how much of that is up for debate right now). In the first panel he claims her body. In the second panel she asserts her right to say she owns her body, and in the last panel he settles for stealing the product of her labours.

    I will admit I read it twice on my first pass, but it got a lot of the nuance of the situation.

  4. Tomn says

    Is that Catalina de Erauso, wandering transvestite badass of the Spanish Empire I see trying to sell herself into slavery?

  5. cpast says

    When reading through some of the debates around the Bill of Rights, it’s amazing just how much that we take for granted was up for debate. I’m currently looking at several pages worth of remarks in the House on whether amendments should be incorporated into the original text or stuck on at the end. People are comparing with legislative practice (which apparently at the time didn’t really have laws saying “The text of section 5 ‘An Act to Do the Things’ is amended to read as follows”), complaining that a supplement would make it disjointed and confusing, complaining that *incorporating* the text would make it disjointed and confusing, and even questioning if they have the power to modify the existing text that was adopted by a constitutional convention and ratified by popular conventions. And then there are a few people who keep asking whether it really matters which method they choose.

  6. psionl0 says

    “I wonder where she’s going with this…”

    I’m beginning to wonder if we will ever find out. I guess you can’t help being busy.

    • Yeah, we’re coming up on three months with no update (unless you count two Patreon posts, one of which is of images-in-progress that didn’t make the cut.) I feel like I’ve lost the thread of where we are at this point.

      • I have already dropped this from check every day to check every week, and monthly is not far off. I fear we may have reached the end of a fascinating comic.

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