Loyalty is trust on steroids. It's a big prerequisite for society and government, but we still need something more.



Finally, here is the second half of that page. Had to put this project on the back burner for a spell, but (knock on wood) I think we can get back to something like the old posting frequency.

Yes, I know this page is ultra simplistic. Just laying a brief foundation for the more substantive stuff that’s coming up in the next pages. I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. robert bristow-johnson says

    looks like you’re setting us up for a wholistic philosophy of how imperfect humans might live together securely, fairly, and with mutual benefit which is what government of/by/for the people governed is supposed to be.

  2. So loyalty is both earned and necessary, but can be easily lost if it is not reciprocated.

    And Loyalty is dependent on trustworthiness, cooperation, and effort from all parties.

    More people need to understand this, thank you.

  3. cnash says

    What’s going on with the colonial-dress guy and the broken bottle?

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