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  1. In the new reality pane (8th from the bottom), you have “every four four years”.

  2. Bobibebu says

    I’m curious – how do modern sociologists know how this all played out? Given all of this happened before written text, would this just be an inference made from what artifacts we could find?

  3. Tomn says

    You wanted a suggestion for the missing image? A man of flame receiving the veneration of his descendants before him, while behind him stretches a long chain of his ancestors, also in flame, with their hands on the shoulders of those in front of them.

  4. James says

    For suggestion of the fire image; an older man with a nearly burned out and flicking torch lighting a younger man’s torch. The figures lit by the flame in contrast to a black background, perhaps with stars over head. It would be simple, contrast with the preceding and subsequent panels, and make it both intimate, “a mystery”, and timeless.

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