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  1. sewblon says

    Did you mean to say 1. A.D. in that first panel? Because if you did, then it sounds like Law hadn’t been invented until 1. A.D. If Wikipedia is right, then the earliest known code of laws dates to 2050 B.C. at the latest. Wikipedia|Code_of_Ur-Nammu. I know that the Greeks and Jews had laws in the BC times. So laws not existing until after 1. A.D. can’t possibly be right .

    • Yeah, that last panel was supposed to imply we’re back in the neolithic again. That stone tool doesn’t register at this resolution, does it. I’ll go back and make it a little more clear. Thanks for the catch!

      • It was my fault for not seeing the character with the wheat saying that they are still in the Neolithic. Then again, that makes it sound like the Neolithic period extended up to 1 A.D. So now its still confusing, just for a slightly different reason. Plus, had anyone in the Neolithic period ever heard of a constitution? I thought that the oldest constitution was San Marino’s constitution from 1600 A.D.

  2. Joe says

    Nice callout to the recently departed Albert Uderzo there in panel 3.

    • No lie, I’m going to miss him. Uderzo’s illustrations have been part of me since childhood. So many have tried to copy his eye and style, and so few have captured his sense of humor and ability to convey so many layers of storytelling in a single panel. (Lord knows I haven’t!)

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