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There are now 7 comments on pg 23. Cop Costs Extra.
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  1. Yes, a cop can legally lie like a rug, entice, break the law himself in order to put away call girls and dope smokers. We as a society have given them this power because, well, there are bad people out there, and they’re scary, and, and the police should do WHATEVER IT TAKES!

    Besides, even if they were required to answer the “are you a cop?” question honestly, he’d just lie to her anyway, and when it went to trial he’d deny that she’d asked. After all who is the jury going to believe: one of our brave boys in blue who walks the mean streets to protect our children, or a dirty whore? Because let’s face it, there wasn’t anybody else there to bolster either party’s story.

    • No, a police officer who murders someone in the prosecution of a car theft is still up for murder.
      Impersonating a police officer is illegal. Fail to identify as a cop, I doubt that’s a crime. Anyone can choose to detain someone else; it’s only that if they lack the legal grounds to do so that they’re a kidnapper.

    • A bit late on the uptake here, but what’s the issue of a Law Enforcement Officer lying about not being one? That kind of ruins the entire concept of being “undercover”.

  2. Robert Montrose says

    “That cost’s extra”, I LOLed so hard when I read that line :-)

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