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Join the conversation! There are now 5 comments on this chapter's page 74. Sacrifice: Rent-Seeking and Freeloading. What are your thoughts?
  1. Nick S. says

    The front page still says that the last page is Sacrifice Part A, while the last is currently Part D.

  2. I understand not liking freeloaders, but there’s a difference between someone who is a drain because they take out more than they put in for some reason, and someone who hoards all the resources they can at the expense of the community. I think as a society we’re hung up on “people who take out = bad,” when people really ought to have realized that “people who don’t put in” are a far larger problem in modern times.

    • I’d suggest it’s not really a problem if people take out more than they put in, when they’re at least sharing some of the load given their circumstances (or are incapable of doing so). The problem is when people “put one over” on society, enjoying the benefits while evading the responsibilities. And that’s not only a modern problem—it’s something governments have had to deal with since governments began. Makes one wonder how (or whether) U.S. Constitutional Law deals with it, and what its historical context might have been, no?

  3. B.J. says

    The reply function is getting difficult (it shows a gray box). If this doesn’t reply correctly, I’m replying to Nathan.

    Anyway, I’m watching this topic with interest, because I’ve personally observed the rents I’ve received from the privileges granted by our institutions. I’m sure that such institutional flaws *have nothing to do with our constitutional system*, of course.

    Also, a belated welcome back!

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