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  1. Tomn says

    Hang on a sec, even if we take the assumptions in the comic as true, how does any of this naturally lead to patriarchy? The listed sole reason to be high priest is because, as “oldest male,” he’s been bonding with the ancestors the longest – but couldn’t this potentially be true of the oldest female? I feel like we’ve missed a step here.

    • “Why the eldest male?” has been explained here:
      which in turn refers to this: (band fluidity, just below that green “the bear went over the mountain” singing perfomance panel)
      The girls moving out and the boys staying still seems to reflect in modern society, judging by the “mid-30 or mid-40 man still living with his parents” stereotype that’s floating around …

    • Because since before we were Homo sapiens, females had left their birth families to seek mates, while males stayed. In the tribal context, that meant women left their birth lineage when they married, joining the lineage of their husband. So they wouldn’t have been part of their husbands’ lineage for as long.

      That’s one of the reasons I take such a deep dive sometimes, to make sure I’ve laid the basis for statements that might be surprising or counterintuitive. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

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