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There are now 7 comments on pg 89. Inequality: Elites and Wealth.
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  1. Stephen Peter says

    Just as I anticipated and looked forward to the “Invention of Agriculture” narrative comic some pages ago, I was anticipating this one as well. In the stepping stones to the narrative of the American Revolution, this is (in my opinion) the next significant one.

    As Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” For the first time in human history, agriculture allowed for the accumulation of food, which begat the accumulation of wealth, which begat the accumulation power, which begat corruption. It’s a remarkable (and depressing) transition from a natural altruism which humanity thrived under for thousands of generations to a brave new world where greed and wantonness becomes a rewarding pursuit.

    And therefore, the reason why the governing of [greed of] man became an unfortunate necessity.

  2. Anonymous says

    Strong agreement with Stephen here. It’s interesting to see how these small justifications of why the elite should be elite spiral out of control, transforming into a wealth gap that widens every day. And because it’s a portion of society, it’s difficult to figure out how to fix it without falling into the same hole.

  3. B.J. says

    Now I’m imagining the Pharaohs as the first gravezillas.

  4. Mike Cody says

    All is now right with the universe. I was concerned that we were trapped in an alternate one where Nathan updated the strip regularly. ;)

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