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There are now 9 comments on pg 98. Hor-Aha: Establishing a Territorial Monarchy.
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    • And of course I’m on the road all day taking my kid to college. I’ll try to fix this when I get a chance. It seems to be a back-end issue with WordPress, but idk.

      EDIT: It was an image-crunching error. I called my wife during a rest stop and she was able to fix it. Should be working now

  1. Ryan N says

    It’s not specifically related to the content of the course, but I do think the presentation is always lovely. You’ve got a great visual style, and a lot of variety in poses and abstract depictions to make it all memorable. Great work.

  2. STM says

    Is Justice allowed to pick up those feathers?

    • So how ignorant am I? I had no idea until very recently that Ma’at’s stylized feather was an ostrich feather. I somehow thought ostriches were from Australia, not Africa.

      But yeah, the Egyptian origin of Lady Justice wore an Ostrich feather in her hair, just like an early Las Vegas showgirl. And when you died, she would weigh the sins on your heart against an ostrich feather so light that it floated above the scales. Who knew?Ma'at with ostrich feather

  3. B.J. says

    Aww, Little Justice is all grown up! But she’s still trying to maintain harmony among a really big tribe.

    “Screw it. Harmony is overrated. Where’d I put that sword?”

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