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Join the conversation! There are now 6 comments on this chapter's page 105. Hammurabi Ruins Everything. What are your thoughts?
  1. STM says

    Just how alike were Hammurabi and Donald Trump? Is Hammurabi’s helmet concealing his wacky hair?

    • I mean, Hammurabi was an extremely talented military leader. I’ve heard Trump called lots of things, but not that. He did have wacky hair, though. Going by the engravings and sculptures they left us, those Mesopotamian kings must have spent most of their waking hours in the salon getting their hair and beards done.

      • Always had mad respect for Mesopotamian kings. It’s sort of the Boy Named Sue thing: to walk around sporting that kinda of hair you had to be >hard<. Manchester City fan hard.
        I’m open to correction, but I don’t think they were eclipsed until various bigwigs really got into Extreme Coilffure in the 17th century.

        Leibniz for example. Man was a polymath, brilliant, learnéd—and he sported that ringlet waterfall like it was nbd. An excellent use of a Time Machine would be observing the first time he unveiled it in public-in particular the reaction of the Young Ladies of Good Family

        -sorry; not a particularly relevant comment, but that’s what I nerded on this morning [shrug emoji]

        • Next time I park myself in the barber’s chair, I am going to proudly and confidently request a Leibnizian Ringlet Waterfall. Never mind that my bald spot has taken on the proportions of a monastic tonsure, such that the barber is starting to wonder why I keep coming back. The fellow needs a challenge. And—need it be said?—I would look fabulous.


  2. B.J. says

    Ungovernable Mesopotamia. It’s an ancient tradition.

  3. Sean Work says

    Sixth century BCE and a homeland in hills southwest of Babylon? Sounds like Israelites.

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