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There are now 3 comments on pg 111. Inventing God and Law: Israel Destroyed. Now What?.
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  1. B.J. says

    Those Israelites. What’s WITH that place? (Later asked by the Romans in your terrorism comic too.)

  2. STM says

    What is the unit of measure on the direction sign?

    • I honestly forget if I was measuring in miles or kilometers, and I’m not going to go back and do it again. But knowing me, I probably went with miles, because metric units are a modern invention that aren’t based on anything human, while older measures are less precise but more intuitive and thus closer to something they’d have used. “Mile” comes from the Latin mille passus, or “1,000 paces.” (A pace is two steps. So if your drill sergeant had called “left” a thousand times you’d have gone a mile.) It’s like how an inch is a thumb’s width, a cubit is your forearm from elbow to fingertip, a yard is an arm’s reach, etc. etc.

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