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Join the conversation! There are now 7 comments on this chapter's page 116. Inventing God and Law: God Is Dead. What are your thoughts?
  1. Madeleine says

    Saves a lot of time if there is only one temple left to be demolished, as opposed to the many that were there before Josiah’s cleanup-of-the-pantheon …

  2. B.J. says

    I have to wonder if all the times when the Jews turned away from God in the Bible and got spanked by various invaders were a mangled and forgotten metaphor for the times when the kingdoms disobeyed their overlords?

    • I believe we’ll see the beginnings of an answer to that in a few pages. But without spoiling too much, the books of the Old Testament don’t start to get written until well after the events of this page, and they’ll be written and rewritten and recombined with definite motives in specific contexts. That will include the warnings and told-you-sos of turning from Yahweh. Who, it turns out, wasn’t dead after all!

  3. STM says

    Not relevant here, but I would like to see con law cover why patent and copyright were assigned to federal jurisdiction. It seems oddly specific. Was it always as noncontroversial as it is now? I recall commenting this before, but do not see it posted, so maybe I had a bad connection.

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