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  1. WJS says

    “But your honour, I had to burn my house down! I had no choice, I needed the money!”

    • If I were a judge, and a defendant who had been convicted said that to me, I would say “In that case I can solve both of our problems. Your punishment is to join the army. You might never get rich, and you also might get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or brain damage. But at least you will make an honest living, and thus won’t have an excuse to pull this BS again.”

      • “But your honour, 71% of people in the eligible age range fail to qualify for military service for health reasons alone, to say nothing of the fact that most people who are desperate for money are too old to enlist under present regulations. Military service doesn’t even come close to curing my poverty! :(“

        • “In that case, that just leaves regular prison. You will have to work for less than minimum wage. But, you will get room and board for free. So, you won’t need the money anymore.”

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