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There are now 4 comments on pg 63. Dire Decision.
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  1. duckrental says

    Sounds like Jill’s going for the Dr. Seuss defense.

  2. Henning makholm says

    Serves him right. He killed her once with artichokes already.

  3. Nate says

    I get that the point of the climbing is just to set up the situation, but as a climber – the system was safe, Jill! Assuming the clips were set properly, Jill could simply give in to the fall and the system as-drawn would protect her and Jack, and leave them hanging on either side of their topmost clip! Then Jill could finish the lead, set up a new system, and pull Jack to the top. C’mon, Jill! Represent the climbers better! :)

    • It looks like Jack’s fall yanked some bolts or pitons out. Seems like they were relying on fixed equipment that was already in place. Not uncommon, but these could have loosened or rusted, and I bet they’re both wishing they’d backed it up along the way.

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