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The conversation has begun! We now have one comment on this chapter's page 93. Trog’s Initiation, what's yours?
  1. KW says

    What if we have this scenario:

    1. A gang wearing disguises (not the Horde, because they wouldn’t be this crude) visit a restaurant which has a “Closed for Private Party” sign hanging on the door. They turn on a cellphone jammer and cut power to the building.

    2. Stu is told that he is to kill someone, after which Stu and the rest of the people will be free to leave. If he doesn’t, one of the gang members will shoot that person, and they’ll try again with the next person, continuing until either Stu kills someone or they run out of people. He’s tied so that they can’t aim anywhere except into the mouth of person in question.

    3. “Shoot this person.”

    4. “Eww, this is a sick joke! I would NEVER–”

    5. BLAM!

    6. “We’ve got about 40 more people to go. Shoot this person.”

    7. “Uhhh, no.”

    8. BLAM!

    9. “Only one more adult. After that we have lots of young kids for you to choose to stop at. Shoot this person.”

    What do you do, knowing that duress is never a defense for killing someone? What if you knew how the prosecutor would feel?

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