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There are now 3 comments on pg 100. Rico’s Ranch Hands.
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  1. KW says

    Tying and leaving Rico (is that a play on RICO?) outside could be said to put him in danger from wildlife. Rattlesnakes, for example, have become deadly in recent years because the non-deadly ones get killed…

    • Plus the issue of an untended fire, and death or injury by exposure (temperatures can drop a lot in the semi-desert at night, and, if the sheriff takes long enough, the heat of the day)

  2. Daniel says

    How confident does Arnold have to be? For instance, if Arnold genuinely thought he was taking the Morgan Brothers’ cows back, but was in fact stealing Rico’s lawfully owned cattle? Or if he’s suspicious that they belong to Morgan Bro.s? And what standard of proof would apply if the Morgan Bro.s claimed to own the cows that had been taken back, but it was their word against Rico’s?

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