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  1. STM says

    The origin of patriarchy, law, and antisemitism; all in one.

  2. Nikolay S says

    About the new “Contents” menu. It is very nice, and I like that it allows me to navigate to any page of the comic, but having 6 layers of nesting (for example, Contents > Constitutional Law > A History of Government, In Six Revolutions > The Institution Revolution > Inventing Religion > 70. Ritual) causes the last set of options to go off the screen and become unreadable even on a MacBook. Either the number of layers needs to be reduced, or the dropdowns need to reverse direction after 4 or 5 nestings.

    • Thanks! It worked fine on my own display, which is why it’s always good to get feedback from lots of different users, I reckon.

      Anyway, I’ve fiddled with the CSS a bit. Let me know if it works for you now.

      • Might I recommend moving everything up one level? Instead of using “Contents” as your base, have your first submenu be your initial menu. (I.e. Crim Law, Crim Proc, Con Law, etc.) That brings everything in one step of indentation so you won’t need the submenus to overlap (which causes issues of their own).

  3. Rick Deveraux says

    Was panel #2 inspired by the city of Aleria from the comic book Asterix on Corsica?

    • Very much so! Good eye! (See the bottom-right panel on page 35B for anyone who has the book.) It was a fun exercise. My attempt sadly lacks all the character and effortless charm of the original, however.

      • The attempt is still instantly recognizable to me (my brothers and I read these books until they broke), so a job well done IMO.

        The only doubt I had was whether you were inspired by the comic, or whether you and Uderzo were inspired by some other image I didn’t know about.

        • IIRC, that was the only book where he actually traveled somewhere to get references. I wonder if it’s based on a snapshot he took. If only there was Google Street View back in 1971 or 1972 we could see for ourselves!

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