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  1. many says

    Yeah, that’s what I was thiking. You must be damn sure you are not protecting the one that caused the situation.

    • Another thing to worry about, some people like to play “consensual non-consent” games. If a husband is pretending to rape his wife, holding a water gun or rubber knife to “threaten her” and “force” her to go along with his “rape,” and you shoot her husband dead, you may be legally in the right, but it won’t help the widow out much.
      So taking a few seconds to challenge the rapist is a good idea.

      • That’s… kinda something you shouldn’t be doing in public. I don’t think anyone is going to look at the situation and reasonably conclude that’s what’s going on.

        • That situation probably suggests a guest or someone else living in the home walking in on the two.

          Possibly by chance, possibly after hearing strange noises. >.>

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