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  1. You can read this entire chapter in its original single-page scroll on the comic’s old Tumblr site here.

  2. Aime Casavant says

    Great primer. Should be required reading in all high school civics classes.

  3. WJS says

    How applicable are those five steps to all crimes? For example, is it possible to “recklessly” steal something?

    • Perhaps a situation where it’s ambiguous where you’re stealing something vs. picking up abandoned property? (E.g., a library is giving away a cart of its least-used books for free, and you don’t check to see if the book you’ve picked up off the ground says “Discard” on the spine.) Alternatively, a situation where you have permission to take something from a non-legitimate source (your host tells you to “help yourself” to anything in the kitchen, so you eat some of their roommate’s expensive imported chocolate).

  4. Rafinius says

    So, where does non-premeditated killing rank? It could be either intentional or knowing, no?

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